⌈ Love Warms One’s Heart ⌋

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In the Spring of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought upon chaos and uncertainty to the Chinese people, affecting all walks of life in China.      

As an overseas Chinese patriot, stationed in Singapore at the time, upon hearing the news about the challenges and lack of face masks through news media while the rest of the world was watching on with what was happening in Wuhan and the rest of China, Mr. Elijah Widjaja, felt that his only thoughts were with the Motherland, and he needed to do something to help solve these challenges. Immediately he contacted trusted sources he knew in Indonesia to procure face masks in just six short days, and he mobilized all the resources of his enterprise and through the joint efforts with Huangpu District Customs Office, Huangpu District Commerce Secretariat Office, it was not a small feat in securing and transporting 200,000 face masks to Shanghai as a donation to the Huangpu district government within such a short time. Being able to send the emergency supplies such as medical grade surgical masks to the front-line medical personnel was a matter of life and death, and Bund Center is proud to have been able to make such a significant contribution to those that needed it the most, sending warmth and strength to the front-line medical personnel.      

Despite facing an immense pressure of Covid-19 Pandemic while suffering financial losses at the Company level, Mr. Widjaja still communicated with Huangpu District Party Secretary and Government leaders even though he was overseas then, expressing his firm determined desire to fight against the Covid-19 deadly disease together with Huangpu District Government. He then decided to donate a further 20 million RMB towards pandemic relief efforts immediately, making an outstanding contribution to Huangpu District. The President of the charitable organization in Huangpu District was very grateful to receive the generous donation and also admitted that this was the largest donation amount they had ever received at that time.      

Shanghai Golden Bund Real Estate Co. Ltd. has been incorporated since 1994, and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Mr. Elijah Widjaja is the Chairman, and Ms. Deborah Widjaja is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Under its portfolio, “Bund Center” and The Westin Shanghai have long been recognized to be an architectural icon along the Bund skyline. The Bund Center Crown not only exemplifies its corporate success, but also demonstrates Bund Center’s patriotism and social responsibility.      

In the video, we clearly see the “Bund Center” founding spirit of stretching oneself to the uttermost, pursuit of excellence, resilience, and overcoming challenges. In spite of the difficulties, this valuable gift of warmth and strength is distributed to where it matters most, and symbolizes the efficiency and close cooperation among the various departments and organizations in Huangpu District in fighting against the Pandemic.      

In times of adversity, it reveals true friendship while genuine love warms one’s heart. This documentary made use of a true camera scene to recover the original touching story occurring during that extra ordinary time. A gift of love coming forth from Bund Center, spurs blossoming of Spring to bring forth a golden hope and glorious future!