Shanghai Facts & Travel Tips
Key Facts

Time Zone: GMT +8 hours

Location: Bund, city center

Language: Mandarin Chinese (中文), English widely spoken

Electrical: Imperial standard 220-240 AC/DC 

Weights/Measures: Metric system 

Tipping: Welcomed by not required 

Exploring Shanghai

We are conveniently located next to the beautiful Bund waterfront, providing a magnificent view of Pudong and Puxi. Our location provides convenient access to famous shopping areas, restaurants and local attractions.

Shanghai Weather

Shanghai experiences four distinct seasons. Temperature differences between summer and winter are extreme. Temperatures in the summer can reach 35ºC (95ºF), with high humidity and frequent rainfall. Winter temperatures in Shanghai may drop well below zero, though snowfall rarely occurs. Weather conditions in spring and autumn are moderate and comfortable. To see up-to-date weather conditions, please visit the Shanghai Weather website.

China Customs & Passport Visa

China customs varies depending on the citizenship of the traveler. Generally, travellers are permitted to bring into China one bottle of alcoholic beverage and two cartons of cigarettes. There are generally no limitations on the amount of foreign currency that can be brought into China, but any amount above US $10,000 must be declared. To learn more, please visit the China Customs website


All travellers are required to have a passport with at least 6 months of validity. With the exception of citizens of Bruneo, Japan or Singapore, travellers are generally required to obtain a special tourist or business visa prior to entering China. Visas can be obtained from Chinese embassies and/or consulates in most countries. To obtain more information, please visit the Chinese Embassy website

Currency & Banking

The Renminbi (RMB, ¥) is China’s official currency. Guests may visit the front desk of the hotel to exchange currency. Most currencies are accepted as well as traveler’s checks. A valid passport is required. Currency will be exchanged at the current exchange rate. To see the current exchange rate, please visit the Exchange Rate website


There are nearby major local and international banks located. Banks are generally open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Most banks are also open half days on Saturdays. International ATM machines are located at the lobby. To learn more about banks around the hotel, please visit Local Attractions Guide. 

Public Holidays

There are seven official public holidays in China. 

New Year’s Day (Jan 1) 

Chinese New Year (Jan or Feb) 

Qingming Festival (Apr 4) 

Labor Day (May 1) 

Dragon Boat Festival (Jun 8) 

Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept 14) 

National Day (Oct 1 – 3)